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Category: Events

Smart Ex 2019

The event took place in Beirut from 10 to 13 April 2019, organized and monitored by the reputable and global innovative platform for exhibitions and conferences “M.I.C.E Lebanon”, encompassing various leading companies in innovative sectors such as Telecom operators, ISPs, techcnology & IoT companies, etc., aiming to introduce the latest innovations & trends in such […]

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MWC Barcelona 2019

JA-SQUARE has been proudly participated in the most reputable and global event ,Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, under the Lebanese Pavillion, sponsored by the Patronage of the Lebanese Telecommunications Ministry,Ogero ,ALFA and TOUCH respectively, where the Pavillion has encompassed thirteen leading companies in the field of Telecom & Technoloy, including JA-SQUARE. The event took place […]

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ICEC ‐ Cairo, Egypt

Ja-Square participated in ICEC in its 3rd annual version on the 23rd and 24th of October 2017 in Cairo, Egypt, attracting more than 3,000 senior-level decision makers and over 5,000 participants who showcased the latest technologies, feasible solutions and products. We have contributed in this event as “Smart Life” whereby attendees got a glimpse at […]

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The Garden Show & Spring Festival

Ja-Square participated in this event jointly with its partner “ME Green” under the brand name “UBIHOME” in Beirut between 23rd to 27th May, 2017. This event is being held for the 14th consecutive year exhibiting a colorful refreshing green and flowery landscape for enjoying families and spreading enthusiasm. This event hosted more than 200 exhibitors, […]

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Ja-Square contributed as an exhibitor in the 1st edition of SmartEX exhibition which took place in Beirut, Lebanon between 11th to 14th May 2017, under the patronage of the Ministry of Telecommunications alongside with the technology and telecom service providers from various branded fields including Security, automation, and MIS. We have contributed to this event […]

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GSMA ‐ Barcelona, Spain

Ja-Square participated as an exhibitor in the globally renowned event known by GSMA, which took place in Barcelona, Spain between 27th Feb. to 2nd Mar. 2017, whereby this event aims to gather all kinds of technology and innovations including but not limited to telecom operators, technology developers, and providers, etc. As a telecom and technology […]

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Alfa Smart Home Demo 2016/2017

JA-SQUARE has launched a demo on its brand new solution SMART HOME in collabration with ALFA, one of the  leading telecom operator in Lebanon, aiming to exhibit its solution for the first time in Le Royal Dbayieh, in the presence of Mr. Marwan Hayek, CEO of ALFA, ALFA Cheifs as well as reputable personnel in […]

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