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Smart Life

The Smart Way to Transform Your Home:

Security & Home Automation Experience The Connected Home... Improve Your Lifestyle... Stay in Control

With Ja-Square’s smart and innovative gateway and a wide variety of wireless sensors, you can seamlessly control and secure your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone (via mobile app) or a computer (via web interface).

Ja-Square offers the only battery-powered smart home solution kit, delivering high performance with minimal power consumption. This ensures you remain in control and protected even during a power outage, creating the perfect system for your home.


Keep your property secure with live camera feeds, alarms, and door/window sensors.


Control lighting and monitor energy usage conveniently.

Remote Access

Manage your home or business from anywhere using a web browser, tablet, or smartphone (iOS, Android).

Expandable Options

Seamlessly integrate additional protocols and devices to expand your smart home capabilities.

Easy installation

Set up and enjoy advanced features effortlessly.